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ZiMart is an online supermarket used by most Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to buy groceries for their family and friends back home. ZiMart delivers in all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe including rural areas. Pay with Card, PayPal or EcoCash. Create an account on ZiMart today and join thousands of satisfied customers.

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Increasingly more Zimbabweans are buying their groceries at ZiMart than anywhere else. ZiMart currently captures about 65% of the online grocery market in Zimbabwe, up from around 47% in 2016. Zimart offers an excellent range of groceries, fruits and vegetables at low prices for your convenience.

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ZiMart is obsessed with total customer satisfaction! We go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy with their entire shopping experience and it shows in our online and customer satisfaction ratings. You can contact ZiMart Support at anytime via eMail, Phone, Live Help, Facebook or WhatsApp.