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  1. Potatoes Pocket, 15kg

    These premium quality potatoes are raised with passion and purpose. Each premium potato variety is developed and raised for a specific use, with some varieties taking over fifteen years to develop perfectly. They make the best ever fresh-cut chip.
  2. Potatoes Medium, 10kg Pocket Imported

    Buy these handpicked potatoes imported from South Africa. They are fantastic! Order online for fast delivery to your door. Freshness guaranteed.
  3. Sweet Potatoes, 3kg

    These sweet potatoes have a creamy texture and a sweet-spicy flavour that makes them ideal for savoury dishes. This type has a bright orange flesh. Sweet potatoes have traditionally been baked, roasted or mashed, but they can also be added to risotto, pasta or curry. Store in a cool, dark place and use within a week of purchase.
  4. Potatoes Pocket, 2kg

    Buy these Idaho Russet potatoes which are russet-skinned with white flesh. They’re what we typically imagine when we think of potatoes. They have a neutral potato flavor, a fluffy, creamy and soft texture, and are best for baking, mashing and making French fries. They’re also very absorbent, so are great paired with butter and cream — think mashed potatoes. Just don’t try using Idaho Russets for potato salads, gratins or any dish that requires the potatoes to hold their shape.
  5. Potatoes Pocket, 10kg

    These potatoes have finely flaked yellowish-white skin with light yellow flesh. They’re bright, vegetal and slightly sweet, with a smooth, slightly waxy texture and moist flesh. They’re best for boiling, baking and making French fries. They’ll also stand up well to grilling, pan frying and roasting.
  6. Baby Potatoes, 1kg

    Baby potatoes are the potatoes which are removed from the soil before they are fully developed/ grown. Due to this, you will find that baby potatoes have a sweeter flavour. It usually has a pale brown thin outer skin with a creamy off white interior. They are used worldwide in a variety of dishes ranging from salads, vegetable accompaniments to even main courses
  7. Potatoes Pocket, 7kg

    Buy these all-purpose potatoes which have a medium starch content that fall somewhere in between the starchy and waxy potatoes. They’re a true multi-purpose potato, and therefore can be used for just about any cooking application.
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