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Frequently asked questions

These questions were last modified on 18 March 2017


  • If you are an existing user of ZiMart, please follow these steps:

    • Click on “sign in” at the top of the website. Enter your email address and password. If this is the first time you’ve signed in to the new website you’ll be asked to reset your password. Click on the button provided to be sent instructions via email on how to do complete this change
    • You’ll receive an email from us with password reset instructions. Typically it should take less than a minute to receive this email, but depending on the speed of your email server, it may take a few minutes.
    • Click on the link in the email to return to the ZiMart website. You’ll be prompted to reset your password. After your password is reset, you can sign in with your email address and new password and begin your shopping
    • If you have any difficulty signing in, or haven’t received your password reset email, click on the “Forgot your password” link in the sign in window to reset your password

    If you are a new user to ZiMart, select “Create an Account”

  • No. Feel free to browse our products and service information without creating an account. If you are not signed in to an account, however there are certain advantages of signing up and logging in first. For example if you place products into your shopping cart whilst you are logged in, the contents of your shopping cart will automatically be saved when you leave the website. You can choose to create an account before you start shopping or at check out.

  • To create an account, click on “Create an Account” at the top of the website. Supply your personal details and follow instructions to complete the registration process.

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by first clicking on to the “Forgotten Password” link located on the login page. Enter your registered email address and click “Continue”. We will email you a link for you to reset your password.

  • Welcome to ZiMart! We look forward to serving you. Now that you’re signed up, we recommend taking the time to do the following:
    1. Familiarize yourself with your account by logging into your My Account area and double checking that your details are correct.
    2. Read our Terms and Conditions, Delivery, Returns and Refund policies. You will find this information extremely useful in the future.
    3. Try to simulate placing an order to get used to the checkout process. If you are thinking of placing an order soon, why not put some products in your shopping basket now. Our system will save all items you place in the shopping basket which will save you time when you are ready to place your order.

  • You can contact Customer Services in various ways as follows:

    1. Using Contact Us page on this website
    2. By sending an Email here
    3. Via WhatsApp on +27 60 420 420 9
    4. By calling +263 77 413 9535


  • Shopping on ZiMart is as simple as ABC. However, you will need to have some basic computer knowledge, especially some prior online shopping experience for you to successfully shop on ZiMart.
    To order an item, you must first login after having created an account and place the item in your bag. In the bag, click on the Checkout then supply the any required data before you go to go to the next step. The checkout process has 3 basic steps:

    1. Billing & Delivery Addresses

    You must supply your billing address as well as your delivery address. Billing address is where your credit card is registered. Shipping (Delivery) address is where the order will be sent. You can supply a new address or select an existing address from the drop down menu. You may then select the delivery method. Click on the blue “Continue” button to proceed to payment.

    2. Select Payment option

    You must first select your method of payment (Credit Card, Western Union, Moneygram, EcoCash). If you wish to pay with Credit Card via PayFast, you must first switch currency to South Africa Rand (ZAR). This is because PayFast only recognizes ZAR as the payment currency. PayFast has a maximum per order limit of R5,000. If after converting currency to ZAR, your order total exceeds R5,000.00, the credit card payment option will become hidden. If this happens, please select an offline payment method e.g. Western Union then confirm your order. We will then split the order total for you and send you 2 or more payment links for amounts less than R5,000 each.

    3. Order Confirmation

    This page provides the summary of the ordered items in your shopping cart. You can cancel the order or complete it using the following buttons: Confirm the order or Cancel it. If you choose to Confirm the order, an order will be created on our system. Next you will be directed to the PayFast credit card payment page to complete payment.

  • Using the main menu, you can browse products by looking through categories such as “Fresh Fruits”, “Vegetables”, “Butchery” or “Cooking Oil.” Using the search bar at the top of the website, you can also enter a search term for a product or brand (for example, “bananas”). On the search results page, you can filter your search by “name”, “price”, “rating”, “model” and more options.

  • A Low Order Fee is an amount that’s added to all online orders where the Order Total is under a certain amount set by Admin. It only applies if your Order Total is under the stipulated when you complete your online checkout. If you come back to amend your order, the Low order Fee will only remain / be added if your basket is still under, or has fallen under the threshhold amount when you re-submit your order.
    If your basket is under the threshold amount when you checkout, the Low Order Fee applies.
    If your whole order is refunded for any reason, the Low order Fee will be refunded at the same time.
    To avoid the Low Order Fee, just make sure your basket total is above the threshold amount when you complete your checkout.

  • You can place your order from anywhere in the World because our site exists on the World Wide Web.


  • We accept a variety of payment options including Credit card (but Debit Cards are currently not supported), EcoCash, Western Union,Moneygram.You are welcome to suggest any payment options that are not listed here.

  • Unless your credit card is issued by a South African bank, there is bound to be a small discrepancy between the invoice total and the amount that actually gets debited to your credit card. This is due to exchange rate factors. In most cases the discrepancy should be very small and negligible.


  • ZiMart delivers everywhere in Zimbabwe including remote rural areas provided there are navigable roads to the delivery destination. We use special 4×4 vehicles which can traverse any rough terrain. So, yes, we do deliver in your area as well.
    If the roads in your delivery area are not navigable, we can arrange to meet your recipient at the nearest convenient place, such as local shopping center, school, etc.

  • Delivery can vary greatly, from Free delivery to any amount which can only be dertemined at checkout. In calculating the delivery fee applicable to your order, our system factors in the following variables: delivery address, number of items on your order, the total weight of your order, etc. The applicable delivery charge will be displayed to you clearly before you can confirm snd pay your order.

  • We take extra care to make sure your groceries are packed neatly. Your order is hand-selected by a personal shopper who chooses only the freshest and finest. Your order is prepared and packaged in our fully refrigerated facility in Harare. Similar items are boxed together (cereals, breads and other pre-packaged items are together, produce items are together, etc.). Frozen items chill together while en route to you in a cooler-box that maintains their temperature for a minimum of 8 hours, and are removed only upon delivery to your door.

  • Your order is put together by a personal shopper who shops for you like they would for their own family. ZiMart personal shoppers are our “fresh experts” and are the only people who handle your order. Whether we are selecting nice fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting steaks, or packing your food into boxes, each member of our team takes pride in the quality of the products selected and delivered to you.
    Your order is brought to your door by a member of our professional delivery team who are often complimented on their friendliness and desire to go out of their way to make your purchase perfect. We always try to make the same person who picked your order bring it to you because they know the full story about items packaged, any replacements/substitutions made, etc. We also try to make the same person bring your order each time you place a new order. This is our way of trying to create a long term sustainable relationship with our customers.
    The driver will bring the shopping to your door, where you will be asked to sign a delivery note. If you would like them to they will then take your shopping into the kitchen.

  • We try our very best to inform our customers of any potential delay as soon as possible. However, occasionally delays can occur which are often beyond our control.
    You should receive an email message to inform you about the late delivery. If for any reason you don’t receive a text message, please contact Customer Services via email, WhatsApp or via Live Chat on our website

  • Occasionally, items that were in stock when you placed your order will be out of stock when your order is being selected for delivery. If a product is out of stock, we will try to provide a suitable substitute.
    If a substitution is made, you will always be charged the lower of the two prices. This means if the substitute item costs more than the original item, then you will only pay the lower price of the item you originally ordered. If the substitute item costs less than the original item, then you will pay the lower price of the substituted item.
    When your order arrives at your door, if you are unhappy with the substitution and do not want to keep it, please let our delivery person know. It will be returned and the cost credited to your account. If you did not authorize a product substitution, or received a product in error, please contact our Customer Support team within seven days of the delivery to determine if a return or refund can be processed.


  • We will gladly refund or exchange any item in a saleable condition within 30 days, provided you have the original ZiMart invoice.

    If whilst inspecting the goods at the time of delivery, you identify goods you do not want, you are free to decline any product delivered by your driver for any reason (including the price on delivery). You can return them to the driver and ask him or her to take them away.

    Any goods you return to our driver will be replaced/exchanged. Alternatively the products can be refunded to the credit or debit card used to make the payment and shown as a refund on the next payment card statement. Refunds take up to 3-5 working days to reach your account.

    After the driver has left, you have the right, except for the excluded items listed below, to return goods and/or faulty goods in line with ZiMart’s store returns policy. Goods not returned to our driver at the time of delivery should be returned by you at your expense with your receipt or other proof of purchase to No.1 Adylin Road. Marlborough, Harare within 30 days in original packaging in saleable condition.

    Goods not returned at the time of delivery should be returned at your expense to any ZiMart store within 30 days. Unless of poor quality or faulty, it is not possible to return baby food and milk, frozen or perishable food and drink, CDs, DVDs, audio or visual software where the seal has been broken, newspapers and magazines. In order to obtain a refund, please remember to take your receipt with you.

    Any refund due will be credited to the purchaser’s card within 3-5 working days. The delivery charge will be refunded only where the entire order is returnable (and does not include perishable food) and the entire order is returned within 30 days. If returned items were part of a promotional offer or vouchers used, the amount refunded may be reduced.